Cubicon - Description:

Cubicon is a plattformer about getting to the flag as fast as possible. But theres a catch. When the time runs out, you don't lose the game but you lose the control over the player character. In this state you can pick up Controllers and get the control back for a limited time.

Cubicon - Controls:

🡐🡒 - Move Left and Right

Space - Jump

R - Reload

Cubicon - Extra:

  1. I would be pleased if you would give feedback here.
  2. Tutorial has some spelling mistakes, sorry, I'm from Germany.
  3. The Level Saving messed up the build, so I had to delete it, due to the Deadline
  4. This is my first Game Jam, and third game overall.
  5. If you cant get the 4th Level done: Don't pick up the controller, instead use the speed you get from the out of control!

Cubicon - Level Xplanations:

Level 4
Don't pick up the Controller. Instead, double jump to the long plattform, you will get more speed than you'd get by just jumping normally.
Level 5 (Water Level)
You have to get under the plattform (red) by double jumping into the water so you get some speed.

Install instructions

Install: When you download the game, extract the zip file (right click and extract) and open the file "Cubicon.exe".


Download 20 MB

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